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Adolescent Health

KRANTI SAMAJ is directly implementing the programme on Adolescent reproductive and sexual health in the block of Dhenkanal district. Till 2013 February we have 20 centres and youth club of age group of 15-21. They are taking initiative to improve on their own life skills. Helping community in improving service delivery of reductive health services, optimum participation from community is focused by invoking religious leaders and other opinion makers, In this process kranti samaj facilitated in evolving a grass root process. Adolescent’s 10-19years India represents over one-fifth the population. A large number of them are out of school, get married early, work in vulnerable situations are sexual active, and are exposed to peer pressure. These factors have serious social, economic and public health implications. Adolescents are not homogenous group. Their situation varies by age, sex, marital status, class, region and cultural context. The calls for interventions those are flexible and responsive to their growth scenario.

Situational analysis (NFHS-3 and DLHS-3)

 It is important to health-seeking behaviour of adolescent as their situation will be central in determining India’s health, mortality and morbidity, and the population growth scenario. Organisations network to scale upAH (Adolescent Health) programme in odisha region. This particular group is working on AH needs of vulnerable communities. Kranti samaj does not focus on sterilization among the vulnerable community rater than working on safe sex, temporary methods of fertility control issues AH team focuses on HIV/AIDS prevention, reduction in early marriage and delayed pregnancy issues. Empowerment of adolescents is focused through their life skill enhancement and creation of teen centres. Kranti samaj is attempting in developing a regional policy document for which some 10 workshops are conducted and 198 adolescents are consulted.