We work with the government to build a nation fit for children. Our advocacy initiatives are focussed on creating an environment that helps children reach their potential and where children and families have equitable access to services entitled to them. kranti samaj conscious presence with the most vulnerable communities, those who are left behind in the progress India is making, has given tremendous scope for advocacy within the state . Working towards reducing this injustice and inequality has been the driver of our advocacy initiative. Many advocacy NGOs are political or principles based, and campaign actively to achieve broad ideals within the human rights, social justice, and environmental movements. Kranti samaj works specifically to provide NGOs with advocacy training and technical assistance designed to increase citizen participation in democratic processes. In odisha , as part of a campaign to return and reintegrate populations, kranti samaj supported some NGOs advocating for democracy and human rights. Many NGOs have a primary educational and research focus kranti samaj promotes community involvement and, therefore, awareness of environmental issues by organizing study and field research trips.
    By advocacy we-Empower children and communities to enhance governance accountability and transparency at district and state levels Through local level advocacy approach, we envision an empowered community who will participate in enhancing social accountability, transparency, significant change in policy implementation and good governance that impact child well-being, especially the most vulnerable. Inspire and strengthen community-led movements to inform, influence and impact child well being By community-led movements, we work to ensure that issues affecting children / communities will be raised at different levels by communities themselves. Engage power centres to address inequities nationally and globally Influence stake holders, power centres, corporate and donors including state and national governments to advocate for child well-being and to address gaps between poor and the non-poor Kranti samaj advocacy strives to become a ministry of influence in the nation that heals and harmonises India to embrace the vulnerable and marginalised by influencing attitudes, systems and structures for child well-being.