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Cancer TreatMents

 The organisation conducted cancer prevention awareness programme some district, block of odisha. ] General Indian populace remains largely ignorant of the existence of most urologic and genital tract cancers let alone their risk factors. While smoking has been widely established as a significant risk factor for the development of neoplasms of kidney, bladder, cervix, and prostate, the tobacco awareness programs continue to focus only on lung and head-and-neck cancers. Coupled with horrifyingly inadequate urologic services, this makes for a grim situation. Clear and sustained communication, robust advocacy, and strategic partnerships are needed to inspire national governments and international bodies to action, including identifying and allocating sustainable program resources.

There is significant momentum for expanding coverage of HPV vaccination and screening/preventive treatment in low‐resource settings as evidenced by new global partnerships espousing this goal, and the participation of groups that previously had not focused on this critical health issue.