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Disaster Management

    The provision of emergency and public assistance during or immediately after a disaster in order save lived, reduce health impacts, insure public safety and meet the basic subsistence needs of the people affected. India is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world, 20 out of 29 states are multi-disaster prone regions. Over 36 million hectare of land has been identified as flood prone. About 54% of the total area is vulnerable to earthquake of varying intensities. The Indian Ocean is one among the six key cyclone-prone regions of the world. The coromandel coastal line is more prone, about 80% of the total cyclones generated in the region hit here. Rapid Response, respond immediately to families affected by natural disasters with food, water and essential items and also work towards rehabilitation of the affected families. Our emergency responses are timely at appropriate scale and scope, providing high quality programs effectively for the most vulnerable survivors and their families.

    Every year millions of Indians were affected by natural disasters. These disasters leave people traumatised by the death of family, friends and their lives devastated by their loss of livelihood. The impact is high and it has been increasing dramatically in the last few decades in terms of number of people affected and the length of time they are affected for. This trend is expected to keep rising in coming years. To deal with disasters, there is an urgent need of local institution, which can play a pro-active role in disaster management. This resulted in the establishment of Rapid Response, to provide immediate, effective and sustainable support for the victims of natural disasters rescue, of medical Assistance, and Relief, Distribution of Food, Water, Dry Ration, Bed, Hygiene and Educational Kits.
    Kranti samaj brings life-saving support in times of disaster. We are committed to long-term rehabilitation, helping communities affected by natural disasters or conflicts get back on their feet. From the odisha Tsunami, and to the most recent Cyclone Hudhud that ravaged India’s eastern coast, we’ve been there within hours, responding to the immediate needs of those affected. And we stay for the long run to help rebuild their lives. kranti samaj invests in building community resilience so that they’re prepared to face any disaster. kranti samaj has been integrating Community-Based DRR in all its programmes post Tsunami in December 2004.