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About KrantiSamaj

    KRNTI SAMAJ has remained engaged in education sector since year2010. The organisation has established a number of primaries schools in different in different project areas and has also formed. Kranti samaj was always giving priority on women and girl child education programme, in remote Sc and ST Hamlets of Tribal areas for the sustainability of the schools and its effective operations. Because education is the most important and powerful weapons, which will learn it and change the world. But unfortunately in india to day 4% of our children never start their elementary education, 40% children dropout the primary education and over 82% don’t even complete schooling. In this case promotion of education awareness and orientation of effectively work to society, education is important for the social and economic development their skill and are unable to get dignified job lack of proper job and education can lead to social. Every child can and most obtain an extraordinary education. The end of education inequity is the freedom for all children to have the opportunity to reach their potential. And the day that all children reach their potential is the day that India reaches its potential. We help children unlock their potential and realize their dreams. We believe that every child is extraordinary and can scale great heights if provided with the right learning opportunities. With regular and generous contributions from our supporters, we are able to march steadily towards achieving these goals. We are committed to ensure that all children, irrespective of their origin, are able to go to school, play, interact and learn with other children of their age. We help children with limited means hone their creativity and skills under the guidance of trained teachers and make persistent efforts to enable them to secure a life of dignity for themselves, their families and the community at large. In Delhi slums, Indian Women And Child Welfare Trust runs programmes to support the education of the most disadvantaged children of India in different ways.

    Education is a gift for life. We help children reach school and stay there

    Promotion of the education awareness and orientation of effective science education to the children of school has been emphasized by the kranti samaj & accordingly the organisation initiated sensitization cum- orientation programme. The Three C’s concept- Creativity, Comprehension,& Competency. The process of teaching is knowing the shapes (concept building) making the shapes, (carpentry and stitching) selecting the shapes,(cycle Assembling) and combining the shapes (Home management class which includes cooking, washing and ironing clothes, bed making, cleaning classrooms, bathrooms, toilets, surroundings etc). The education also covers drawings, painting, health and hygiene, horticulture. Time and money concept, general knowledge, sports and games (Both indoor and outdoor) dance, vocal music and instrumental (Tabla, Mrindagam, Guitar, Jazz, Drums, Organ, Bongos, Harmonium & Handcrafts). All this can be achieved when we worked together. Kranti samaj (NGO) helps in identifying the most vulnerable children in the poorest of odisha due to un accessible and poverty children miss out the school. We work to ensure children are educated for life through collective efforts in improving the quality of education and learning outcomes at different levels through infrastructure support, remedial education programmes and strengthening of school management committees.

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